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  • Per-Olov Lindgren

Sell ​​your company, but keep developing the business and make money.

For owners of IT companies who have built up their company for many years, everyday life after they reduce their working hours, or after retirement, is a big and important issue. It is common for them to choose to sell all or part of the company, but continue to be involved in other ways in order to secure their future assets. Beachhouse One BHO specializes in matching owners with the right buyers and finding industrial synergies between the two to achieve the best possible results going forward.

The business owner usually does not want to stop working completely, but instead chooses to remain in the management or as a board member after the sale of his company. However, this presupposes that the right buyer is found, who have the same view of how the company should be run and who can show care for staff and customers. This is motivated by both the buyer's and the seller's interest, as they do not receive maximum and long-term value from the company in a straightforward sale. If the owners instead work for three to four years and take advantage of business synergies in the new constellation, a higher value is created for both.

Strnger players together

Per-Olov Lindgren at the consulting firm Beachhouse One specializes in buying and selling companies and finding exactly the right match between owner and buyer. This is not about cutting costs and saving on staff, but instead see how the company can become a better supplier to customers.

- My job is to put together several companies that each have strengths - one can have the customer base while the other has good products/services that can be sold to these customers, says Per-Olov. By merging several companies, they become a stronger player together. Then profitable growth is created and the leaders can stay and run their business at the same time as the company's identity and the brand they have built can often survive under a common umbrella.

Create a large IT group

There is a market for a new large IT group that is being built up by several companies with SEK 50–200 million in sales each. With a strong financial main owner and profitable companies in the group, you can be part of a larger context such as:

  • Achieves stability, growth and profitability

  • Can compete and win customer agreements with large and public customers

  • Has capital to invest in recruitment, products/services and sales/marketing

  • Can invest and take risks in concepts and new ideas

  • Can make acquisitions

  • Increases the value of the companies included in the group

Beachhouse One has the necessary expertise in the IT sector and a solid network of both companies and buyers.

Contact me and I will come by and discuss strategy and potential. It will be an inspiring free hour that you are guaranteed to count home. Use the form below or klicka här för att boka en kostnadsfri timme.

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