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Introduction of ERP systems

The company was a group with more than 10,000 employees in several countries and had many different IT support systems for project accounting, consulting invoicing, CRM, HR, key figures and group consolidation. The extensive flora of various new and old IT systems hindered rational administration, control / follow-up, process-oriented working methods and growth within the company. The decision was to gradually replace the old IT systems with a global IT platform for all functions.

The project:

In a leading business controller role, Per-Olov was responsible for introducing the new ERP system as a pilot in one of the subsidiaries. Following the pilot project, the new system was introduced throughout the Group.

Initially, a functional and quality evaluation of possible systems was carried out, followed by selection and procurement of the system.

The assignment involved building up regulations and processes for the business when using the new system. Chart of accounts, code tables and other framework data were created and configured in the new system.

Training of about 300 people was completed, manuals, tutorials and web training were provided.

Migration of old systems was carried out and the data transfer was reconciled so that all current information was included.

Test periods, including financial statements, were carried out in parallel with previous systems being in operation.

The new system was gradually put into sharp operation and the old ones were phased out at a corresponding rate.

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