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Contact Per-Olov Lindgren for a free consultation when you want to know more about how a sale of your company goes.


Feel free to use the contact form further down, and Per-Olov will contact you shortly.

We give you expert help when it's time to sell your company

Based on your company's strengths and benefits and what your interest looks like, we will find one
strategy and plan for how you best sell all or part of your shareholding.

We will talk through the following areas:

  • The market for your company and your business

  • Discussion about possible future owner partners

  • How to prepare the company in the best way before a sale

  • The different parts of a sales process


The various parts of the sales process include: contacts and meetings with potential buyers, confidentiality agreements, information documents, requirements for process and bidding, received bids, due diligence and data rooms, contract negotiations and access and payments.

All in all, preparation and strategy for choosing the right buyer are two of the points that create
best future outcome for you as a salesperson.

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