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We help you with management and business development

Do you want to...

... make a Turnaround

... integrate an acquired business

... create profitable growth

... get order and control of the company's finances

... introduce new sales and delivery processes

... acquire, implement and manage new IT systems

Contact Per-Olov Lindgren for a free consultation if you are considering help with management.

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Together with the management of your company, Strandgårdens Konsult AB carries out assignments within business development, streamlining the organization and change processes. Deliveries are strongly result-oriented with a focus on implementing your strategies.


Do you have a business in another country and want to establish yourself in Sweden? Strandgården contributes to the development of operations in Sweden, where the opportunity is a local subsidiary with management, sales and delivery.

Clients in selection

Ernst & Young Management Consulting

Strandgården's consultant, Per-Olov Lindgren, was hired by Ernst & Young Management Consulting for a CFO / COO assignment. The assignment concerned a startup company in the music industry on the internet. In that role, he led the work of building a financial organization and delivery organization, acquired ERP system, and especially a website for distributing digital music, measuring consumption, payment and shoal payments. The role also included accounting and financial budget planning and projects to raise funding in several rounds. The business was built up in Sweden, Germany, UK , France and Spain. "

Strategy and operating model for an international company

Beachhouse One was responsible for working with the customer's company management and chairman of the board to develop strategies regarding division into business areas, launch in continents, business model and focus on the services that are launched first. The operational model handled how the services would be priced and production costs as well as investment in growth. The result led to an operating model that formed the basis for financing rounds and for tactical business planning. BHO then participated in the sales work until two major customer contacts were signed according to plan.

Municipal housing company

"Strandgården's consultant, Per-Olov Lindgren, was engaged by a municipal housing company that had ended up in an acute financial crisis. The reason was that the new introduction of a financial system had failed for several months and no accounting, rent notification, rent payments had taken place. reporting and follow-up had not been carried out, the housing company's cash had largely run out, no payments were made from tenants and no accounts had been prepared for a long time. After just over a month and a half, the new financial system was in operation The trained situation at the start meant that Per-Olov in the assignment also worked out the owner's commitment, among other things, to provide the capital contributions required in the housing company. After about 3 months, the assignment was completed. "


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