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Sales Projects

Beahchhouse One has verified experience from sales assignments of services, mainly to large customers in the private and public sector.


When you need help with

  • Submit a major bid for a Framework Agreement

  • When the procurement takes place under the Public Procurement Act (LOU)

  • For service deliveries in long-term contracts

  • When the procurer uses system support such as Tendsign

Contact Per-Olov Lindgren for a free consultation if you need help with a sales project.

Please use the form further down on this page.

Per-Olov Lindgren was part of the steering group when a large supplier won extensive tenders for services to the City of Stockholm. He has also been responsible bid manager for many procurements of software and related services.

Clients in selection

Building a customer base in Sweden

Strandgården was commissioned to launch a new product on the Swedish market. The assignment was intended to initially prepare sales materials, prices and delivery models. This was followed by building up a customer base in Sweden for a product, primarily in the public sector.

Subcontracting agreements were signed with local suppliers and delivery projects were established between Swedish and foreign resources. The assignment ended after 12 months with a customer base having been contracted with 5 large surrounding municipalities in Stockholm, and a prospectus list was submitted for other sales Case.


Strandgården then handed over the assignment after the company recruited a CEO, sales manager and project management in Sweden.

Major sales assignements

Per-Olov Lindgren has been responsible as bid manager and steering group member in major sales assignments regarding IT deliveries to the public sector. The assignments have in many cases been intended as framework agreement procurements under the Public Procurement Act. (LOU).


Customers have been major cities, municipalities, regions and government agencies. These include the City of Stockholm, the City of Malmö, Sollentuna Municipality, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Sweden's Municipalities and Regions and Stockholm County Council (Region Stockholm).

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