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  • Per-Olov Lindgren

This is how you sell the company without letting luck determine the price.

What is the right price for a small or medium business? Of course the future value, if you ask us. But to get it, you need to sell to a buyer who understands both your business and the development potential. Whether the deal is planned or shows up suddenly.

The key to success: control and preparation. And a partner who knows where to put your foot down in every step of the sales process. You have a business to run in the meantime. We believe that most company salespeople spend time and focus on the wrong things - often at the expense of both the price and the company's future prospects.

An experienced partner who helps you find a "strategic fit".

Instead of taking the help of luck, take the help of Beachhouse One with all the parts of what is required for a successful business: from finding the right buyer and selling your company, to due diligence and a completed sale at the right price.

We are mainly active in the IT sector, where our long experience and broad competence have often been the decisive difference between success and just a "regular" business. I myself have worked with acquisitions, sales and finance in corporate management in positions such as CEO and controller - and also been CFO of digital European startups. I have also completed assignments in financing, acquisitions and sales of companies at Group level.

Contact me and I will come by and discuss strategy and potential. Wherever you are in the process, it is good to have a "second opinion". It will be an inspiring hour that you can definitely count on.

Per-Olov Lindgren, CEO at Beachhouse One

The consulting company Beachhouse One offers a broad register of services - with several perspectives - in the purchase and sale of companies, digitization and management consulting.

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