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  • Per-Olov Lindgren

Strandgården has M&A competence and experience

Strandgården Konsult has extensive experience from buying and selling more than 15 different companies. It has mainly been IT companies as product, consulting or companies with both products and consulting, with the competence to process the whole or divide the process from preparation to completion. This means competence in the areas such as:

  • Strategy (strategic fit)

  • Preparations

  • Synergies

  • Financial calculations (valuation, budgets, income statements and balance sheets)

  • Management of sales or buyer contacts

  • Networks in the industry

  • Letters of interest, management presentations and information memorandum

  • Law, Privacy, LOI, MOU, additional purchase price, share transfer agreement

  • Collaboration with management and experts such as lawyers, tax experts, etc.

  • Negotiations

  • Contract signing and access

  • Integrations of acquired businesses

Our business model is to work closely and intensively with only one client until the assignment is completed by getting to know the customer's goals and working with great commitment to contribute to the realization of them. In the assignment, Strandgården Konsult shall add to the customer's extensive competence in the area.

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