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  • Per-Olov Lindgren

Expertise in accounting, finance and controlling

Strandgården Konsult has many years of experience in company management positions such as CFO, BA controller and CFO, also in combination with roles such as vice president, board assignments, operations manager, business area manager, sales manager, mainly in the IT industry but also in manufacturing. Strandgården's consultant Per-Olov Lindgren is very experienced in finance with expertise in accounting / bookkeeping and as a controller planning and managing operations. This means competence in the field of finance.

  • Financial statements

  • Income statements and balance sheets

  • Accounts receivable, project system, support system and general ledger

  • Profit reporting, Consolidated financial statements

  • Ongoing accounting, project accounting

  • Financial calculations (valuation, budgets, calculations, quotes, etc.)

  • Work with budget, forecasts and profit planning in the short and long term

  • Controlling, turn around, key figures / KPI control

  • Experience from several financial and ERP systems

  • Management of finance department

  • International experience

Strandgården can be hired for a leading role or as an effective expert in your existing organization.

References: Tieto Sweden AB: M&A, Senior Sales Mgr, Controlling 2012-2016 Visma Consulting AB: Chief Financial Officer, M&A, vVD 2006-2012 Tieto Public & Healthcare AB: Financial Director & Controller M&A 2001-2006 Fanglobe Inc: CFO / COO, Group Sweden, United Kingdom 2000–2001 Deo.Com AB: CFO / COO, Group Sweden, Germany, France, Large B, Spain 1999–2000 Own business: Assignments i.a. Ek-manager Kommunalt fastighetsbolag 1995–1999 Nynäs Petroleum: Business Area Controller, Group Sweden, Belgium 1988-1995 ABB-Datema Process Data AB: Ek-Chief-Controller CEO, M&A Group 1985–1988 Haningebolaget (AB Betongindustri): Ek-chief-CEO, M&A Group 1982–1985

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