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  • Per-Olov Lindgren

Document & Case Processes

With a well-developed document & case process, the organization achieves great benefits in time, efficiency and quality. Strandgården brings you extensive experience from the acquisition, implementation and management and further development of IT systems and business processes.

Our experience can be summarized in a few recommendations that will help you achieve success:

  • Management's commitment and an overall strategy need to be in place

  • Insight that business development is required to achieve the benefits

  • The work initially and continuously must be business-oriented and result-oriented.

  • The changes and implementation must take place step by step and not in a big bang.

  • Work with an IT solution that is adapted to the scope of the business

  • For a smaller organization, benefits and finances can be improved with a simple IT solution

  • Be sure to work with an IT solution that best meets the important functions for you, do not choose the one that gets the best rating on average.

  • Make a reasonable and timely balance of future functional needs

  • Work with agile and transparent methods with the experts in process and IT.

  • Organize a collaboration for management, support and further development within your organization and include the external ones needed.

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